ACL + AT&T = Not for Me

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“AT&T is dedicated to providing customers with wireless technology designed to enrich their lives.” Sure they are, except when they are the MAIN sponsor for the Austin City Limits Music Festival. As a long-time customer of AT&T and one of the original attendees of ACL, I have a right to my bitch fest.

This was my first year back to ACL after a two-year break and it was no suprise that AT&T was the sponsor. My goal was to take advantage of my new iPhone 3G and live it up with the new ACL Mobile perks AT&T was promoting. My main focus was to get festival updates via text messaging as well as engage in the scavenger hunt for hot prizes & a chance at VIP access. Off to the fest I go. Alone.

Did I mention that I was alone? Did I mention that I use AT&T? My phone service was my only connection to my friends, my ride and my chance for fabulous prizes! Not only could I not play the game, I couldn’t even get the location of my friends. As a true Austinite, I felt alone in my own city!

Honestly, how can a sponsor of an event not take care of their customers at said event? Has technology not advanced enough that a single wireless provider can’t provide a mere 65,000 people in one place? That being said, my friends (yes, those I couldn’t find) had quick & reliable service during the entire festival. Customers of Sprint, Verizon, and the like never had to experience the suffering of my fellow AT&T mob.

If you’ve ever felt this alone, the one hope you have is to find someone that will try to and make it better. I only assumed that I would find this at the AT&T Digial Oasis. WRONG! I did find a nice gentleman that basically told me to “deal with it” and if I had Sprint service and attended a Sprint sponsored event to “see what kind of service I won’t get there.”

Well…thanks AT&T for making my rebirth of ACL as lonely as a newborn baby must feel when it’s thrust through the birth canal into this overcrowded world.

AT&T’s #1 Customer,

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