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Depending on your available budget, we offer both template and custom website design. Since we program websites using WordPress, our clients are able to update their website quickly and easily. WordPress is an open source content management system giving businesses a cost effective resource for website design and maintenance.

Like many things, there are pros and cons to using WordPress.


  • Open source means you have developers all over the world developing tools that increase the functionality and user experience on your website.
  • You can add a photo, a blog post, a new employee to your website with very few quick and easy steps.
  • Change the overall look and feel of your website often and at a very low cost.
  • With the right knowledge, you can easily add SEO (search engine optimization) features to your website to move it up in search engine rankings.


  • Open source means there are often updates to the tools you are using on your website to increase functionality and user experience; if these tools aren’t updated, they often “break” on your website.
  • There are still situations in which you will have to hire a knowledgeable web programmer to make updates or add features to your site.
  • Technology is always changing which means sometimes things get hacked, plugins break, things simply just quit working.
  • The client is responsible for backing up their website so, if/when the above happens, they aren’t starting from square one.

While our clients really enjoy the ease and accessibility of a WordPress website, we often find they forget to back up their site and are afraid of updating the plugins for fear of breaking the entire site. Lack of maintenance of a WordPress site often results in frustration and unhappiness of our clients. We don’t want our clients to be unhappy, so we found a solution!

A MANAGED HOSTING PROVIDER! A managed hosting provider nurtures your website with monthly back ups and updates. For a minimal monthly cost, you have the security of knowing your site is functioning at its best each and every day. And what’s the best part? You get to do all of the fun stuff and leave the techie, scary stuff to your hosting provider!

We like to work with local businesses, so we found an awesome one in our backyard.

Get your managed hosting solution today!

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