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June 2008

Woman-Owned Design Group Launches Web Services

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Full Moon Design Group, Inc. Add Web Development to Services Menu Austin, Texas – June 27, 2008 – Full Moon Design Group announces that they will now offer Web design and development to their already large list of marketing services.  Working primarily in the print medium, Full Moon Design Group has realized that the way people get information is changing…

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Patience in Marketing is a Virtue

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Patience.  That is an interesting concept in today’s world.  With the internet, text messaging, blackberries, I-Phones, etc; the world wants information and results at the touch of a button and at lightning fast speed.  Businesses even want immediate reactions and results from their marketing and advertising campaigns; but what they are forgetting is that the human mind still works at…

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Marketing More Important Than Ever

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In a time when many people fear recession, it may seem odd to suggest to companies to spend money on marketing.  However, it is during this downturn in the economy that this is actually one of the most important areas to spend your money. Marketing Myths Some say that a down economy is the time to cut the marketing and…

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