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September 2008

Austin Real Estate in 2008

By real estate

So far through August of 2008 Austin real estate has seen home sales volume drop 23% while Austin home sold prices are up 2% for single-family homes within the city limits.  A high withdrawal rate combined with these statistics indicate that many people are able to “stay put” rather than taking a loss on the sale of their home.  This also indicates that people have…

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Non-Profits Profit from Branding, Too

By branding, marketing

Non-profits operate just like any other business – well aside from the fact that they don’t make a profit.  All of the non-profits proceeds go to paying bills, paying employees, and then going to help the people they were founded to help.  Non-profits’ budgets are traditionally tight and have become even tighter in these trying economic times.  Non-profits do, however,…

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Presidential Race – Is it all about Branding?

By branding

The Presidential race isn’t just about the politics, the views, and the party affiliations.  The presidential race is actually all about branding. Presidential Race Isn’t Complete Without Slogans The branding of a presidential candidate starts with the slogan, which typically portray that candidate’s platform.  Slogans are very grassroots in that they get repeated; they appear on posters, flyers, billboards and…

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Social Media Attacks the World (Wide Web)

By website

Social media, it seems, is one of the hottest topics these days.  Everyone is talking about Twittering, FaceBooking, Digging, Flickring, and Stumbling Upon.  With all this talk about all of these sites, you many begin to wonder to yourself, “what does the term ‘social media’ mean anyway?” Social media, according to Wikipedia, is defined as the use of electronic and…

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