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Social Media Attacks the World (Wide Web)

By September 8, 2008website

Social media, it seems, is one of the hottest topics these days.  Everyone is talking about Twittering, FaceBooking, Digging, Flickring, and Stumbling Upon.  With all this talk about all of these sites, you many begin to wonder to yourself, “what does the term ‘social media’ mean anyway?”

Social media, according to Wikipedia, is defined as the use of electronic and Internet tools for the purpose of sharing and discussing information and experiences with other human beings in more efficient ways.

In fact, we are using social media right now.

Social Media Keeps Going and Going

Social media is not new.  It has been around for a few years and started with general blogs and a few kids on MySpace.  Social media was just that, social.  Fast forward three years and now MySpace has become the launch pad for movies and musicians, blogging is almost mandatory, and people know a lot more about your personal life than you could have ever imagined.

The truth is … Social Media isn’t just a fad or the craze of the future … Social Media is here to stay.  The world has become one big open book and if you aren’t up to writing your own chapter, than you might as well close up shop.

Social Media Means Business

The Internet is how everyone gathers their information.  They go to movies based on a critique on a FaceBook page, they buy cars based on someone’s epinion of the newest hybrid, and they choose real estate agents based on a friend’s blog about their house-buying experience.  Your company’s Website and how open you make it (i.e. client testimonials, comments to your blogs, information about your employees) is more important now than ever.

How often you appear on the Internet determines your validity these days.  So …  the next time you are playing around on the Internet; make sure you check Full Moon Desing Group out on FaceBook, read our blog (kind of like you are doing now), and maybe even Twitter about how cool we are.  You Digg?

*Photo by Kevin Zollman