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July 2009

Full Moon Design Group Owner is Awarded ‘Member of the Quarter’ by the Westlake Chamber of Commerce

By News, Newsroom, Vicky Gouge

Austin, Texas, July 17, 2009 – Full Moon Design Group, Inc. proudly announces that Principal and Co-Founder Vicky Gouge was recently awarded the ‘Member of the Quarter’ by the Westlake Chamber of Commerce. “I was surprised and honored to receive the award at last week’s luncheon. It’s nice to recognized by a group of professionals whom I admire. I couldn’t…

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Ads that Work!

By advertising

When creating an advertisement, whether print or audio, you will want to make sure that you accomplish several things to ensure that your ad is seen or heard. After all, if it’s not seen or heard, it definitely won’t be remembered! Realizing the purpose of an ad will help you create one that will work. So, what’s the purpose of…

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