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Real Estate Market Statistics May 2009

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Its summertime and Austin Texas real estate continues to fare well despite the national economic conditions. While the number of homes sold in the Austin area are down 29% as compared to May 2008, the supply of homes on the market are down as well. As of 6/4/09, there are 3,934 single-family homes actively for sale within the city limits…

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Austin Real Estate Market Update March 2009

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While the effects of the national recession on real estate have been felt nationwide, the Austin real estate market seems to be weathering the storm well, by comparison to most major US cities. Statistics recently released by the Austin Board of REALTORS® show that the Austin market has been relatively resilient, outperforming a majority of the country. Even though the volume of Austin…

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Austin Real Estate Market Statistics February 2009

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Median selling prices for Austin area homes are down 3.2% for February 2009, as compared to the median selling prices for February 2008. In addition, homes sold in February 2009 has decreased by 41% in number, as compared to homes sold during February 2008. Through February, bank rates for a 30 year fixed mortgage have continued to stay low at 5.25%…

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Austin real estate market update 2008

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The Austin real estate market experienced changes during 2008.  For the most part, there was a significant decrease in the number of homes sold in Austin, however, prices for single-family homes actually increased by under 1%.  With a large government presence and a fairly diversified corporate mix in Austin, the unemployment rate has stayed low relative to the State of Texas…

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Austin Real Estate Market Report November 2008

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Austin real estate continues to defy the odds as we near the end of 2008. While the number of homes sold is down 23% for the year, median single-family home prices are still up 1.1% for the year. The depressed national economy has clearly caused the slow down in home sales volume in Austin, but it is amazing that Austin…

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Austin Real Estate Market Report September 2008

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I’m pleased to announce that I have released my newest Austin real estate market report for September 2008.  While home prices in Austin are up 1.5% for the year, the number of homes sold is down 22% and withdrawals are up 34%.  Homeowners seem to be taking their Austin homes off the market rather than taking less.  The good news…

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Austin Real Estate in 2008

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So far through August of 2008 Austin real estate has seen home sales volume drop 23% while Austin home sold prices are up 2% for single-family homes within the city limits.  A high withdrawal rate combined with these statistics indicate that many people are able to “stay put” rather than taking a loss on the sale of their home.  This also indicates that people have…

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