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Real Estate Market Statistics May 2009

By June 8, 2009real estate

Its summertime and Austin Texas real estate continues to fare well despite the national economic conditions. While the number of homes sold in the Austin area are down 29% as compared to May 2008, the supply of homes on the market are down as well. As of 6/4/09, there are 3,934 single-family homes actively for sale within the city limits of Austin, Texas.

The Austin unemployment rate has continued to decline.  The overall unemployment rate for the Austin area was 6.2% in April 2009 and has lowered to 5.8% over the past month. The Austin unemployment rate remains lower than both Texas and national unemployment rates, which is a comforting indicator of strength for the Austin economy.

For a detailed Austin market update please read my full report on the Regent Property Group website.