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Let’s shatter some branding myths, okay?

By April 23, 2008corporate branding

Branding Myth #1:  I don’t need a brand.

Yikes. Yes you do! If you’re in business, you need a brand. Think of it as a business essential, like your phone or your bank account. You can’t very well do business without those, can you? If we learned anything from the branding alphabet, we discovered how branding affects us all. If you want space in your customer’s mind, you need a brand. End of story.

Branding Myth #2:  I can create my own brand.

How do you feel when you’re handed a laser-printed business card with a perforated edge? Or you’re given a brochure printed on a home ink-jet printer? People notice quality. If you want a snappy brand identity, you need professional help.

Even if your alter ego can create paintings to rival Picasso, so much more goes into branding than good art. Think about logos for a minute. A great logo doesn’t simply look good; it must be scalable, meaningful, and symbolic. It must match the rest of your brand identity and work well in both color and black & white.

Do you do your own corporate taxes? Diagnose your own diseases? Some jobs are best left to professionals. Branding is one of those jobs.

Branding Myth #3:  It’s too expensive.

While hiring a marketing and design firm to create your marketing materials and help brand your company may come with a surprising price tag, consider the costs of not hiring a professional. Amateur work may come back to haunt you in the form of fewer sales and less repeat customers.

We’ll bust more branding myths in our next few posts. Stay tuned.