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Direct Mail: The Numbers

By May 30, 2008Direct Mail, marketing

Last week we talked about direct mail and why it works and now we want to expand on that. Here is the bottom-line on direct mail:Mailboxes at the bullfrog brewery in Williamsport, PR

In the past 50 years, direct mail has never declined.  That’s right – it has never declined.  On the flip side – it has increased and continues to increase.  According to a Universal McCann Report on advertising expenditures for 2007, direct mail saw an increase of 4% over 2006; and it is predicted that in 2008 to see a 4.5% increase.  No other form of advertising can make this claim.  Not TV, radio or even internet advertising has seen consistent increases like direct mail.

Direct Mail and the Internet

The growth of online businesses, internet advertising and social media has not hurt direct mail campaigns.  In fact, it appears that it is actually helping the campaigns.  According to the Direct Marketing Association, nearly 33% of people who respond to direct mail do so by going online.   These numbers makes sense as more and more people shop online and spend a good part of their free time online as well.

Progression of Direct Mail Tracking

In the 80’s, aside from mullets and fluorescent clothes, there was a change in direct mail as companies started adding toll-free number on their pieces.  Now companies are adding their corporate Web addresses, as well as promotion specific landing pages.  The promotion specific landing pages are a great, accurate way of tracking the effectiveness of the direct mail campaign.

Now that the tracking of direct mail and its effectiveness is getting easier and easier, we really don’t see direct mail declining anytime soon.

If it has been going strong for the past 50 years, why change now?

*Photo by Jonathan Henderson