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Zen and the Art of Marketing with Blogs

By November 6, 2008marketing

Blogging.  It has become extremely popular lately, and why not – it gives people an opportunity to share their thoughts and expertise with the world.  It gives people the ability to have their words show up in print for anyone to read.  That’s pretty cool for the average person.  However – with companies – blogging is even cooler.  It not only lets you share your knowledge and let your customers to get to know you better – it gives search engines a way to introduce your company to new customers.

Blogging and Search Engine Marketing

If you are going to market with blogs, you need to make sure that you have done everything possible to make your blog SEO friendly, which in turn will increase traffic to your blog and ultimately to your company Web site.  After all, that plus creating a community with your current customers is the main goal.

When blogging for marketing purposes; one of them main things to remember when writing the blog is to use a keyword theme throughout.  Choosing your keywords at the beginning of the blog and then continuing to pepper them throughout will increase your odds of being crawled by search engine spiders.  Make sure that the keywords are relevant to your business and to your marketing goals.

Blogging worth Talking About

Marketing blogs should always allow trackbacks and comments.  This allows the search engines another way to find your blog.  When you allow comments and trackbacks, it is possible for your blog to be found via a search on a completely different topic.  For example, John owns a car dealership and he comments from his url on your blog regarding cowboy boots.  If someone is doing a search on John or his car dealership – they will come across your blog as well since his name and company’s url are attached to your blog.

Blogging creates Links to Customers

Remember to always use links when working with marketing blogs.  Link your keywords back to other pages in your main Web site, back to previous blogs, back to pictures in your Flickr accounts, as well as back to sites that may have contributed information to your blog or may be of interest to your clients and blog readers.  This adds, yet another way for your blog to be found by the search engines.

Finally, and most importantly, keep your blog interesting and educational for your readers.  The more that people read your blogs the better chances you have of people commenting, linking to , and sharing your blogs.  A virtual word-of-mouth recommendation can be just as important, if not more important these days, than a real-time word-of-mouth.