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Social Networking Worked for Me

By January 6, 2009marketing

When our marketing consultant asked us to create a Facebook page, I thought she was nuts. How in the heck did I have time to log into Facebook and keep it updated?! Not to mention my apprehension about how a Facebook page would bring Full Moon Design group business.

But, after a short “UGH” I proceeded to create one … and this is what I discovered.

“Out of Sight … Out of Mind.”

With today’s technologies, we are inundated with ads everyday. So how do you stand apart from everyone else? Very simple – you inundate your friends, family, peers, clients, and co-workers with messages that you’re here. Your Facebook page causes a potential client to think, “This is Vicky and she owns Full Moon Design Group who does custom graphic design AND I need to get with her about my business cards.” That’s how social networking works. And, much to my surprise, it doesn’t take all that much time either.

Since I created the Facebook page I’ve had friends from all over reconnect with me and they are eager to learn what I’m doing now. That’s the perfect opportunity to promote Full Moon and catch up with an old friend to boot.

It’s rare that I ever find a client during the holiday season who’s focused on their business. Everyone gets tied up with the hustle and bustle of the end of the year celebrations, family gatherings, and holiday parties. Because of this, we have to get especially creative on how to bring in new business during this time. While looking for ways to promote Full Moon Design services I decided to update my status on my Facebook page …  “Vicky is looking for anyone interested in us producing a custom xmas card design”.

It worked! I had a few inquiries which equated to business.

On another note, I posted a comment about a project that I was working on in the office regarding a design around the word “imagine”. I had a few friends ask me what it was going to look like. If you think they aren’t watching, think again.

Best of luck to your social networking adventures in 2009!