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Social Media: Yet another way to expose yourself.

The social media revolution is here and it’s here to stay.  And most business owners have had someone tell them they should be using social media, but not everyone is on board because they simply don’t see the big picture.

Social Media really is all about exposing yourself.  It’s about getting yourself out there, engaging people in conversations and telling everyone about your business.  Think of it this way:  Remember the 60-second elevator speech that has been ingrained in every business class or networking function you have attended?  With social media, you are in the biggest glass elevator you can imagine and you have 60 seconds (or in Twitter-verse – 140 characters) to get people’s attention.

The great thing is that it’s your elevator.  Everyone knows it’s your elevator and they are choosing to ride on it.  You can just ride that elevator up and down as many times as you want.  Every time the elevator stops and someone gets on, you get tell them about what is going on, what is new today.  And  you don’t have the keep saying the same old 60-second speech that you’ve been trained to memorize and spout out at the drop of dime.  You get to change it up, you get to get new ideas out there, and you get to get feedback about those ideas.

And your audience is always changing.  You will have some people who ride the elevator often, others that only ride it on occasion, but not matter what, there will always be a different mix of audience in attendance at any given time.

The trick is to know what mix of social media outlets to use for your given business or industry.  For some business professionals, LinkedIn is the perfect spot to make those professional connections.  For others, Twitter and Facebook are the places where their core audiences reside.  While still others go beyond the Big Three and use everything from YouTube and to Slide Share and blogs.  There are hundreds of potential sites and each one has its own unique demographics of visitors.

Full exposure is all about integrating your social media strategy with your overall marketing strategy so you are reaching your audiences everywhere they reside.  The Full Moon Design Group can help you design your marketing strategy and integrate your social media strategy so that no matter where your audience is you are fully exposed.  Give us a call.  Expose Yourself!