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Company Culture

By February 17, 2015Uncategorized

As referenced in our blog about the Lunar Cycle, company culture is a huge part of a company’s success. Your culture is your brand.

Want great customer service? Need high productivity and creative output? Want your employees to exude professionalism and enthusiasm? Need more sales? Do your employees reflect your mission statement?  It’s then environment in which you work, or could be working that might hold the key to success and referral business.Nobody likes to trudge into a vanilla building with beige carpets, walls, and cubicles only to find the company culture reflects the same attitude of indifference an unoriginality. All of that samey, samey, but you expect your employee to do his job AND reach his highest level of productivity, creative output and enthusiasm to generate a loyal and referring database of clients. I don’t think so!

Many companies, big and small, miss the proverbial boat when it comes to developing a company culture that actually cultivates their mission as a company and successfully produces the results they’re looking for.  Does your company culture reflect the type of business you run? Are the values of the company clear not only to the employees, but to the public?

You don’t have to look far to see very successful examples of companies on the leading frontier of adopting cool, funky and ridiculously productive work environments. Companies like Google and Zappos are only a couple. I’m not suggesting that you turn your company on its head and adopt someone else’s ideas, but I am trying to suggest that you take a look at your workplace from the inside out. Does the work environment support the huge variety of personalities and the vast and varied roles each play within the company structure? Have you ever noticed the difference in workspace between a graphic designer and a financial analyst? Stereo-typically speaking, they’re polar opposites.

It seems obvious, but we so often overlook the basics. Developing the right company culture directly impacts your overall success. People with a clear vision and great work environment have the luxury of enjoying their work. When we enjoy what we do, our customers know it and before you know it, you’ve got a loyal set of clients who are cultivating an ever growing base of referral business. It all starts where you work.