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What’s Up with All the Green?

By July 10, 2008marketing

Green seems to be a very popular color these days, it seems that everybody wants to be come more “green” and protect our environment.  With that in mind, we decided that a discussion regarding green marketing materials might be worthwhile.

How to Green Up your Marketing

There are many ways to be a little bit greener when marketing your product and thus reducing your company’s carbon footprints along the way.  No matter what the size of your marketing campaign, you can incorporate the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) into your marketing efforts.

Green Marketing Tips

Some examples of how to incorporate the three R’s are as follows:

  • – Spend more time focusing your target list and targeting only true potential customers with your printed materials or promotional items; being careful to only order what you need according to the list.
  • – Discuss using digital and online proofs with your designer vs. paper proofs wherever appropriate.
    Have all of your marketing materials printed on recycled paper with no more than 10% post-consumer waste
  • – Using Soy inks for printing rather than petroleum-based inks.  Their colors are richer, they create less waste in the printing process and they are more-easily stripped off paper during the recycling process.  Also, please keep in mind that 90% of American Daily Newspapers print with soy inks.  Full Moon Design Group works with “green” print vendors that use vegetable and soy-based inks.
  • –  When ordering promotional items, request that they be made from recycled items, like old tires and plastic bottles.  Try to make sure that the promotional product is something that the recipient can and will want to use over and over again.
  • – Finally, recycle every opportunity you can.  You can even recycle that promotional drink koozie you have left over; they make great pen holders you know.

Green Marketing for Greener Results

Just by following one of the steps mentioned above, your company can decrease their carbon footprint.  You can also share your green marketing efforts with your clients, by having Full Moon Design Group incorporate a “Made from Recycled …” message, as well as a recycle logo on all your marketing materials.  For more information on how to market green, you can give us a shout and you can visit the Website for the Green Marketing Coalition at