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Really Exposing Full Moon Design Group

By July 17, 2008full moon design group

Full Moon Design Group has decided that all work and no play makes us pretty dull.  So we have decided that every now and again we are going to do an interview of one of our employees and then reveal the results to you in our blog.

Our first victim, I mean interviewee, is one of the founding partners Vicky Gouge.

The Real Vicky Gouge

Vicky was born on a warm summer day, along with her twin sister, in the wonderful city of Houston, Texas.  Her and her sister were the oldest of the Gouge clan, with her other sister and brother bringing up the rear.

During her childhood, Vicky always had to finish the fights that her twin sister would start.  So alas, in order to defend her sister and to ultimately emulate Bruce Lee, Vicky went on to get her brown belt in Tai Kwon Do when she was 28.

Aqua-Vicky to the Rescue!

When Vicky isn’t super busy at the Full Moon Design Group offices, she doesn’t want to be within five feet of a computer.  This self-proclaimed “water baby” does, however, want to be in the water.  Having been a swimmer, a life-guard, and a swim coach; she finds herself in total Zen at Lake Travis or in a pool.  Or any body of water for that matter.

Knowing the above, it makes sense that one of Vicky’s favorite things to do on the weekend is to entertain friends at her house and hang out by the pool.  Hmmm – I know where I will be this weekend – wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

It’s a Dog’s Life for Vicky

Vicky’s two dogs, Madison and Bella, love to snuggle up with their mom in the mornings, which makes it very, very, very, very hard for to get up in the morning.  Thus, Vicky’s poor girlfriend struggles on a daily basis to get her out of bed.  She has even been known to turn on the shower and leave it running, knowing full well that Vicky will get up as to not waste the water or money.

But once Vicky does get up and get going, it only takes five cups of coffee to keep her alert for her Full Moon Design Group clients.

Now , we hope you enjoyed your little peek life of Vicky Gouge, stayed tuned for when we delve deeper into the world of Katie Osborne.