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Branding is a Relationship

Branding is probably one of the most important aspects of marketing out there. Branding is what makes your first impression, your last impression, pretty much all of your impressions.

Branding was a large topic of discussion at the 2008 HOW Design Conference that was held in Boston a few weeks back. (Just a side F.Y.I., next year’s conference is going to be held here in Austin, how cool is that?) At the conference, Dragon Rouge Chief Creative Office Marcus Hewitt discussed the importance of branding. He basically stated that branding is not only the way you engage the customer, but it is also how you keep them coming back again and again. Your branding needs to inspire and constantly wow – kind of like dating.

Branding: The Relationship

Branding requires honesty, attractiveness and change with the times. In other words, it needs to constantly evolve but stay true to what intrigued you in the first place. Hewitt mentioned seven steps for proper branding, but they definitely would work in any dating relationship. The seven steps are as follows:

  1. Love Yourself: The brand should be confident in itself and stand proud.
  2. Dare to be Different: Let your personality shine through. Be unique. Don’t try to be like everyone else.
  3. Get to Know People: Take the time to know your audience, their aspiration and desires. Be it your client or your consumer – find out what makes them tick.
  4. Don’t Overwhelm: Everyone needs a little space. There is such as thing as too much information.
  5. Keep them Engaged: Don’t let the relationship get stale. Keep them on their toes with new products or visuals.
  6. Stay in Shape: Brand relationships are hard work. They require discipline. Don’t get out of shape or lazy when your relationship is going well. Your consumer is in high-demand and can always leave you for a more attractive, more responsive brand.
  7. Think About Tomorrow: Consumers will grow and evolve. Anticipate their needs and have a solution before they even realize they have a problem. This requires an active effort to follow and utilize macro trends. The most prevalent example lately is global consciousness.

Branding: Get into the Dating Game

Thank you, Marcus Hewitt, for that very clear and simple way of understanding the importance of branding and how to use it to keep your customers interested.

Consider Full Moon Design Group your brand dating service. We will work with you to make sure that you are market ready and we promise to make it as pain free as possible. To begin your journey to seeking brand dating bliss, contact one of our dating counselors today.