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Email Marketing – Can it still work?

Did you retweet that from her?  Just a second, let me add her as a friend. Instagram that picture!

The above are phrases that have become almost every day terms. Social media now almost dominates the internet, so it’s not silly to assume it dominates the online advertising field. It leads many to wonder: “Is email even still alive?” Many businesses now wonder if email marketing is even effective anymore, as teens have grown away from it and gravitated towards other social media outlets.

Hold the procession line – stop the bagpipes; email is not dead.  In fact, email is very much alive, as it not only has territory on the internet, but on mobile phones as well. It is no secret that email has lost its appeal with teenagers, as the percentage of teens with email accounts dropped from 84% to 73% in the last eight years, but email still remains very effective in reaching adults and senior citizens. In fact, 75% of internet users aged 64 and older use email as their primary source of communication. With the addition of smartphones into the market, email has become much easier to access – some could argue it’s much easier to access and navigate than certain social media websites.  In fact, over 80 million people access their email through the phones EVERY DAY. The world is becoming more mobile day by day, so this number should continue to grow throughout the years.  Although it seems somewhat old-fashioned, email is still the primary source of communication for millions of people across the globe.

With its simplicity, accessibility, and speediness aside, email still has many positive qualities that make it a reliable advertising medium.

First off, email is direct. A facebook page for a business can easily get crowded with nonsensical comments. Email, however, can’t get crowded with anything except information. Some may argue that many emails are simply spam; however, many people are still out for the deals that the “spam” contains. Even in deleting the email, most email users will remember the business name in their unconscious mind, which is a powerful asset in the advertising industry.

Email is also very personal. A facebook page or a twitter feed with thousands of followers lack the originality that an email could produce. Since the business email is sent to YOUR inbox, you are more likely to respond to it, as you feel like the business has gone out of their way to email YOU.

Finally, email is extremely adaptable. It has outlived every single one of its social media competitors. The problem lies in the fact that many social media websites thrive off the “fad” effect, meaning they are extremely popular for a short period of time before they eventually fade out of existence. (Remember MySpace?) Email has lived this many years because it provides the one thing still needed by the general public: functionality.

Businesses, when you are looking for an inexpensive and reliable source of marketing, always consider email. It may lack the glitz and glam that many social media sites produce, but it still remains a humble giant in the advertising agency because of its simplicity, speed, and accessibility.

So you can see there is a lot to know about email marketing before you hit the send button.  Full Moon Design Group can help you achieve your goals while avoiding costly errors.  We can ensure that your message goes out at the right time, to the right people, and with the best possible outcomes.  Building an effective email campaign isn’t easy, but we make the process easy for you.  We integrate it with your overall marketing campaign to gain maximum exposure for your business and your brand.  There is a right mix of elements and we can help you determine what the right mix is for you.  Give us a call. 512-428-9072

So, can I have your email?